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Common Sense Consulting Services

Blackburn Global  is a consulting firm, headquartered in the Central United States with influence and partnership connections around the world.

For over thirty years Blackburn Global has been serving the
worlds leading Fortune 500 companies, offering clients three decades for common sense business solutions, meeting the needs and management challenges related to:
RFID / RTLS / GPS  Enabled Tracking and Tracing Processes,
Asset Management, Lean Supply Chain, Lean manufacturing, Healthcare Technology, Material costing, Lean product development,  Vendor Relationship Management, Business Development, and Business Technology Integration.

Common Sense Tools Focused for Complete Visibility

Common Sense Tools, offering sustainable high velocity and high value solutions for today's manufacturing, retail, governmental, automotive, and any global supply chain intensive based business. 


Common Sense RFID Specialist 

Our Professional team has over sixty years of Industrial experience covering over five hundred operations and manufacturing facilities. Experience covering thousands of Process Automation projects with a focus on RFID and other automated identification technologies.

Our RFID Experience is utilized by both customers and hardware vendors alike. We are relied upon by hardware vendors to help design and develop RFID products for specific markets or customer requirements, and customers to make sure they select the correct tools to ensure performance and return on their investment.   Blackburn Global is agnostic to Hardware and Software so Vendors and Customers alike are assured of an unbiased real world assessment of technology and solutions to meet their requirements.

Common Sense Vendor Relations Management

Vendor to Vendor or Vendor to Your Business.
Blackburn Global is the right choice for making your Global Supply Chain or Business Solution Decisions easy and "Value Driven".

Globally Connected to Offer:

World Class Best of Breed Service!

World Class Products!

RFID Answers and Blogs:

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